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Course Calendar
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Activity One:  Basketball
January 6-20---Learn Skills
January 21---Exam over basic skills/rules
January 24-26---Play
Activity Two:   Team Handball
January 27-February 10---Learn Skills
February 11---Exam over basic skills/rules
February 14-16---Play
Activity Three:   Badminton
February 17-March 3---Learn Skills
March 4---Exam over basic skills/rules
March 7-9---Play
March 10 &11---Free Days
Have a great SAFE Spring Break
Activity Four:   Volleyball
March 21-April 4---Learn Skills
April 5---Exam over basic skills/rules
April 6-8---Play
Activity Five:   Ultimate Frisbee
April 11-25---Learn Skills
April 26---Exam over skills/rules
April 27-29---Play
Activity Six:   Mile Run/Walk
May 2-6---Run/Jog/Walk ONE mile
   Goal: Complete mile in less than 12 minutes
Activity Seven:   Soccer
May 9-23---Learn Skills
May 24---Exam over skills/rules
May 25-27---Play
Have a GREAT Summer!!!

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